If you know me, you know that I love Diet Dr. Pepper. If you don't know me, one of the first things you realize about me is that I love Diet Dr. Pepper and drink it a lot. BUT I have always known and thought that drinking it may have some effects on my palette, and may make me crave certain things that I wouldn't otherwise crave.

Putting this together with the reading of The Dorito Effect, I decided that I should dramatically reduce my intake of Diet Dr. Pepper. Not only am I hoping that I will end up not craving sugary foods like my beloved Sour Patch Kids all the time, but I will also save some money. So my goal here for myself is to work on reducing the Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke. To do this, I am going to try two things: (1) drinking more and more tea and (2) making my own water flavorings.

Today was day one. I went to the Fairway by my office and picked up a box of Chai tea and an Orange / Lemongrass tea. I must say I think I can use this to replace the pop. I also have a feeling I may get way too into tea and start to make my own and buy loose leaf tea instead of the bags. But first things first, I need to reduce that Diet Dr. Pepper intake. I think I can do it.