I cannot believe that the last time I blogged was early June. I have finished another book since then, The Ghost War, taken a vacation to Charleston with the family, and started a new job. June was a busy month, but fun. I guess I just didn't sit down to spend some time blogging (ok book reviewing).

It looks like the focus of this blog may end up changing up a bit now. I am no longer commuting on the subway every day, so I won't have forty minutes a day to read. So I am going to end up going through less books than I was going through as at night I am just getting five minutes of reading before I fall asleep.

But, what I may start to blog about is more my random thoughts on the tech industry, and my focus on trying to build out what I am calling "KitchenOS" as of right now. A quick description is that I wanted to start messing around with some programming on the side again, and this was an idea that I thought would push me through. The main features are planned to be:

  • Web Recipe Scraper
  • Recipe Browser (for my saved recipes)
  • Add to a Shopping List
  • Weekly Meal Planning
  • Family Feedback & Ratings

The goal of this is to end up using my Android Things device to run this whole application which will allow me to eventually place it in my kitchen and then integrate with my Surface and phone, giving me a bunch of stuff to try out and hack together.

Of course, I may also end up just blogging about basketball, too.