Sunday Night Means It's Prep Time

Now that we are back to having a full-time nanny after not having one for two months, I am back into my groove of making food for the boys every Sunday night so they have things to eat, and tonight was no different. So after finding out how the Bears game ended while I was trying to put a two-and-a-half year old to bed, I started the process of cooking for the week. Almost three hours later, and I am done. And I definitely feel that I accomplished something. Nothing for the kids is overly complex, but each time I do this, my skills in the kitchen improve, especially my knife skills. So what will the boys have this week?

Baby Purees

  • Tropical Fruit Medley

  • Carrots & Parsnips with Nutmeg

  • Sweet Potatoes and Chicken

Meals and Snacks for the Toddler

  • Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

  • Pork Sausage Patties

  • Sausage & Pepper (Red & Green Bell) Frittata

  • Mac & Cheese

Sure, these are the old standbys, but I think it works as the kids love the food and it is easy to mix and match things to end up making things different for lunch and dinner (if needed).

The interesting thing to me as I was cooking these, I started to think of how this action ends up helping me when it comes to KitchenOS. As I get all of this in place and planned, it shows me what ingredients I need to purchase and it is sort of a smaller version of a meal plan. I can use these to drive some of the functionality that I want to build and have, and hopefully end up saving some money and having less uncooked produce sitting around the house that I need to throw out.