Book Review: Super Con

I stumbled onto the Billy Cunningham series by accident just browsing on and trying to find a book that caught my eye. The first book in the series said it was about a group of people that were trying to pull off elaborate cons on the Las Vegas casinos. Sounded like fun, so I picked it up. It was fun, and so was the second book. These weren't what I would call actual high level literature, but they were quick reads and entertaining. The third book was going to tie in a "Super Con" against Las Vegas, and then the fixing of the Super Bowl being driven by a Chinese gangster. I couldn't pass this one up.

In reading this story, I felt like it was four different storylines that were running simultaneously being brought together by the main character, Billy Cunnignham. The first storyline was the running of the so-called "super con" which involved working with another group of Vegas cheats called the grifters. These grifters knew everything of the "super con" and were working with Billy's crew as they trusted him based on actions from the previous books. The second storyline was the desire of a Chinese gangster, Broken Tooth, to fix the Super Bowl and the leverage he put on Billy to get it done which included kidnapping his driver and turning one member of his crew against him. The third storyline was Billy's relationship with a group of players from a team in the Super Bowl and how he could get them to push some prop bets in the direction Billy needed. The fourth storyline was the ongoing storyline of Billy's one true love, Maggie, and her desire to get out of the con game.

As these stories weaved together through Billy, the book quickly picked up pace pitting Billy against Broken Tooth and his old nemesis on the gaming board. This was a fast-paced book that weaved the story back and forth and over and over and an entertaining read.

Quick Review: 3 out of 5 stars.