Book Review: The Candidate

Before buying a book on Amazon, I normally always read the description. This one hooked me:

Seduction and intrigue are rampant on the campaign trail when a political campaign adviser discovers that Washington's power broker elite have embroiled his presidential candidate in a plot involving an act of terrorism on US soil.

Democratic political campaign consultant Ben Brinker can’t remember the last time he was excited by a candidate’s vision. He feels he’s lost his way, both emotionally and professionally. Worst yet, his show-me-the-money policy seems to have finally caught up with him. Two of his recent clients have been disgraced in one way or another: a senator is caught in lurid sex scandal, and a congressman is indicted in a kickback scheme. In no time at all the political pundits are calling Ben a "candidate cooler." Now Ben is desperate for any campaign gig he can get. As luck would have it, Andrew Harris Mansfield, the charismatic junior senator from North Carolina and former Marine pilot, asks Ben if he wants to run his soon-to-be-announced campaign for president.

Unfortunately, the book didn't live up to this exerpt. It suffered from some poor writing, unrealistic scenarios, some major jump to conclusions mats for the characters, and even some characters that were too much of a caricature.

The start of this book was able to hook me and it was an easy read. That being said, the struggle to make it realistic and the over description of certain scenes that didn't need it seemed like a waste for me. For a book that was billed for fans of Baldacci, Silva, Flynn, and Thor it dind't deliver in that regards at all.

Quick Review: 2 out of 5 stars.