I mean this in the nicest way possible, we get it, you hate John Paxson and Gar Forman and think they along with the rest of Bulls management are incompetent. I cannot disagree with you, but what I don't need to do is hear it every single game recap and story. The storyline of this season doesn't need to be that management is terrible and has ruined a once proud franchise. That was the storyline of the last three years, and we don't need to continue it.

They made a decision. They decided to blow it up. Something all of you have asked for at many different times over the last three years. They couldn't blow it up without trading Jimmy Butler, something you all said needed to happen to blow it up and tank for a top pick. Now they did it, and they didn't get enough for Jimmy Butler and are incompetent. We get it, you hate them. I don't like them much either. But at least we know the direction they are going in. We aren't trying to be the eight seed, we are trying to get the number one pick.

Nick Friedell, I'm looking at you and your blazer. Two stories, both just continuing to lay the foundation that GarPax are terrible and have no idea what they are doing. I get it, that's your plan for the season.

Story 1: Chicago's hopeful rebuilding narrative fell apart with one punch

Story 2: The story of the Chicago Bulls' downfall

We get it. We really do. We just don't need the story of this season to be the story since Derrick blew out his knee. We had that story and it made basketball unenjoyable at times. Why don't we just let bad play make the basketball unenjoyable this year instead of the need to continue a storyline that the Bulls management is as incompetent (or even more) than the braintrust down in Phoenix. (If you want a clusterfuck, just head there, wow. And Sarver has meddled more than Reinsdorf ever would and has).