I decided it was time to have a blog that wasn't related to IlliniBoard to contain my thoughts. Right now it's pretty plain, but eventually I plan on upgrading the look to something a little better. But I do want to keep it simple, as I want the text to be the important thing here. Right now this is a basic raw Foundation HTML that I will probably end up tweaking a bit to get it to look the way I want.

A few topics I will probably cover in the future:

  • Writing Unit Tests: I started to preach the need of my team to write unit tests as I know how important they are. I am trying to learn more and more about it. I will probably use my side project to learn this process and get better at it. In some reading from the Google Testing Blog, I think my issue isn't in writing unit tests, it is in making the code I actually write testable. So I will probably be looking at that in the near future.
  • Amazon Web Services: I am trying to learn more and more of AWS and how to use the different pieces they provide within apps. This is where I will collect my thoughts and some architecture designs between their different pieces.
  • Docker: Containerization is all the craze, and I am wanting to learn more to see if I can use Docker within my side-project or even as part of the IlliniBoard deliverable.
  • IlliniBoard Features: I haven't really gone back to IlliniBoard since I re-launched it. I have a litany of things that I want to do / fix, so I will probably talk about them here including what I did within the code.

Oh well, this was enough for tonight. Time to go check on Jack and then read my book before falling asleep for the morning.