My Projects

In an effort to continuously learn and scratch the itch to just try new things, I have spent a lot of time on various projects throughout the years. Right now, the major projects I am working on are IlliniBoard and KitchenOS. I am sure more will come in the future, but these two are where I spend the time I am not at work or with my family.


Just before my Senior year at the University of Illinois in July 2000, I launched Over the last 18 years, IlliniBoard has been many different things, but the one thing it remains is a place for Fighting Illini fans to gather and read about their team, no matter how good or bad they have been.

Currently, is run and managed by Robert (aka Alioneye) who acts as the Lead Writer and Editor. I work behind the scenes to make sure the site stays up, but am unable to write or watch the games like I was able to do over the first ten years the site was around.


“KitchenOS” is my current pet project. The name means nothing to any one but me, and outside of talking about it on my blog I don’t know if any one else will ever see it. My goal with this project has been to learn mobile development (Android and iOS) as well as just trying to keep my skills fresh while staying on the forefront of where consumer technology is headed.

About Me

My career has been spent within the commerce industry from the very start. As an intern at Sprint, I helped build out one of their first B2B commerce sites. I continued in my career as a developer for Medline Industries and then moved on to Acquity Group. In my seven years at Acquity Group, I was a developer, architect, and practice lead in the commerce. After that I moved to Gorilla Group where I started up their Hybris Commerce Practice before becoming responsible for delivery of commerce projects across all platforms.

Currently, I am the Senior Director in charge of Commerce Delivery at Avionos. My role is to provide architectural oversight and define and enhance the processes our team uses to deliver cloud-based commerce solutions.

Commerce Platform Experience

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud (CloudCraze and Demandware)

  • commercetools

  • Magento

  • SAP Hybris

  • Oracle Commerce (ATG)

  • Blue Martini

Other Platform Experience

  • Adobe Experience Manager

  • Bloomreach

  • Acquia

If you would like to get in contact with me, please reach out over email.