Sure the Hawks suck, but I will take a win anywhere I can get it with this Bulls team. I was working on a few things most of the night, so I didn't get to watch anything besides the final five minutes. Of course there was enough there to have some comments.

  • Why in any situation would the defender on Markkanen hedge towards one of the Bulls ball handlers in a high pick situation? I mean Jerian Grant, Denzel Valentine, David Nwaba, and Kay Felder aren't going to be taking many people to the rim on a high screen ... so why even bother hedging on the screen and leaving Markkanen for a second? The play is designed to get him shots. But that's what Mike Muscala did for Markkanen's game sealing three. I bet Budenholzer will get on him in film session for that.
  • I know the Bulls offense is pace and space. But damn in the final four minutes when you are nursing onto a lead, the Bulls should not be jacking up threes early in the shot clock like they were playing a video game (or are the Golden State Warriors).
  • Robin Lopez's pass from the three point line to a cutting Justin Holiday was basketball poetry in motion. We won't mention the fact that it took about four cuts and a lot of running around for anyone to get close to being open for Lopez. And no one ran to the ball.

I like winning. It makes things more fun.